Thursday, March 30, 2006

MoneyTantra--Zen & the Science of Investing

MoneyTantra--Zen & the Science of Investing

Welcome to MoneyTantra--the spiritual Zen way to wealth creation and management. Today is Gudi Padwa which is considered the day the Universe was created by Brahma. We think it is an ideal time to launch this finance portal that will provide information on how to create wealth and value.

As instructed in ancient scriptures of India, the 4 major goals of a human being are: Dharma--Righteous Conduct, Artha--Creating Wealth, Kama--Attaining Desires, Moksha--Attaining Spiritual Freedom.

Artha or wealth creation is a very important aspect of life and that is what we will focus on.

Although ancient scriptures in India have spoken of Artha or wealth creation through Dharma or righteous conduct as an important component of life, in the intervening dark ages of India, the doctrines were of fatalism and the evils of materialism. The focus was on leaving everything to destiny and giving up personal will and control and let fate execute life--pun intended.

We think it is time to go back to using our freedom of will and creating a balanced life by creating wealth through righteous deeds and taking control or building destiny itself.

Welcome aboard the MoneyTantra Train...


Blogger rukman said...

This is a great by you sir. But i think the fall of sensex would be in a controlled fashion because the risk involved is prety high. There would be a step wish fall.

Fri Apr 28, 08:45:00 AM  

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